Color Filters

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Color Filters

Color filters allow you to customize your view of cars in a yard, to easily identity cars by sort, destination, source, type, or repair status.

There are 2 main sets of color filters:

  1.  Yard, State, Railroad & Car Colored Filters
  2.  Sort Filters

Yard, State, Railroad & Car Filters

With a map open the Yard, State, Railroad, & Car filters can be accessed by pressing the following keys:

Filter Type Key Mouse roll-over text Notes
Car-type 1 reporting mark, type, and load information
Destination State 2 reporting mark, state, map, 'Destination'
Destination Yard 3 reporting mark, state, map, 'Destination'
(Bad Order)
4 reporting mark, state, map, 'Destination' All cars white except bad-order cars flash red and cars needing wash flash blue.
Local Car 5 reporting mark, state, map, 'Destination' Cars for current map are purple (plus shades for each child in a MIM). All other cars are brown.
6 reporting mark, state, map, RR, 'Destination'
Source State (Numpad) 2 reporting mark, state, map, 'last-handled information'
Source Yard (Numpad) 3 reporting mark, state, map, 'last-handled information'
Source Railroad (Numpad) 6 reporting mark, state, map, RR, 'last-handled information'

Setting the Colors

With the map closed, select Menu --> View --> Yard State Railroad and Car Colors to open the Yard, State, Railroad & Car Colors form Initially the default colors will be displayed.

  • To edit, double click on the relevant item.
  • The "Random" button sets a random color for all yards in the selected state/province.
  • To use a different set of files (ones you have previously edited), select the relevant nnnn.ycl file from the drop down 'SOURCE' file list.
  • To save changes or to copy the current colors to a different yard, select the required yard in the drop down 'TARGET' file list.

Sort Filters

With a map open, the sort filter can be accessed by pressing:

  • <Shift>-3 ... Each sort of non-intermodal or autorack displayed according to a user defined color. MRI = sort or track name.
  • <Shift>-4 ... Same as <Shift>-3, but autoracks displayed according to the sort filter.
  • <Shift>-5 ... Same as <Shift>-4, but autoracks and intermodal cars displayed according to the sort filter.

Autorack and intermodal car colors in the <Shift>-3 filter are set using <Shift>-A and <Shift>-I, respectively.

There is an order of precedence in which cars are compared to the player's definitions, going from more to less specific as follows:

  • Special/Bad Order and Special/Wash
  • Car/Yard/Status/Siding
  • Yard
  • Railroad and State/Any/Empty
  • State
  • Car Type
  • Special/Other (any car not otherwise matched)

Any car not matched to a sort is displayed in white.

To change sort colors, open the ‘Assign sorts and tracks’ form by pressing 9.

  • Select sort to change and press small colored ‘C’ button beside the sort name to open ‘FYM Color Selector’.
  • Press ‘OK’ on ‘Assign Classification Tracks’ form to save changes.
  • If no 'Others' track is set, unmatched cars will be white.

Sort List

With one of the Sort filters active, pressing ? opens the sort list form showing numbers, tonnage, and length of cars for that sort currently in the map.

To display only a few sorts (maximum 5):

  • Double click on a sort to add to the "Selection."
  • Click on "Show Only" (or toggle in-map by pressing /) to display only the selected sorts in color and all other sorts as black.
  • To remove sorts from your "Selection," double click a single sort or "Clear All."