Creating Locomotives for FYM

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Creating Locomotives

1. Before generating new locomotives, check to make sure the type and roadnumber(s) you want to create are available by looking up power already in play by using the Train Finder tool under the Monitors Menu tab.

2. On the Maps and Trains form, select the map for which you want to create the engines and then click on the 'New' button. The Create Cars form will open

3. Add the Number of engines and select the type of engine from the drop down list

4. Select Long Hood Forward if engines were typically run with the cab in the back (you can toggle this button to see how it affects the paint scheme)

5. Select the paint scheme for the new engines. Note that not all short lines and industrial railroads have their scheme listed. Try and find one that matches as closely as possible.

6. Select the Exit from which you'd like the new engines to enter the map.

7. Select 'Create' when satisfied with your new power


Sources used for creating new locomotives should be current. FYM recommends the following:

1. The Diesel Shop

2. Railroad Pictures Archives