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Hump Set Up (switched roads definitions)

Before you can use a hump, you must first teach FYM the route from the hump to each track ('switched road').

1. Press 0 (keyboard top row) to enter set-up mode. The map is now displayed without trains, the current hump crest is colored deep red to pink, and information about the current hump crest and route are displayed to the left.

2. To define a switched road, align switches as desired, then move the colored track segment along the route using '=' or keypad '4'. Define the route to beyond the last switch on the route.

3. Accept a completed route by pressing keypad '0', or press 'r' to reset the route if you make a mistake.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 until all routes are defined.

5. Press '0' (keyboard top row) to exit set-up mode. You can resume later if desired.

Multiple Hump Crests: All switched roads must be defined for one hump crest before moving onto the next one. It is not possible to add/edit/delete the switched roads for a previous hump except by starting over. To finalize the current crest and select the next crest, press 'N' while in set-up mode.

Special Cases:

--Any trailing-point switches in routes are ignored in switched roads and must be set be set manually during hump operation.

--Use side-by-side hump crests with caution: two cars going into the bowl at the same time can collide.


The maximum number of hump crests is 6. The maximum number of switched roads per map is 251. The maximum number of switches in a switched road is 150.