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The Railroads

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Canadian National


Norfolk Southern

Union Pacific


Joint Use Facilities

Around North America, there are several intermodal facilities (mostly located in ports) that are served by more than one railroad. Some of these terminals are being converted to help the YM better determine what should be loaded for each individual railroad. Oakland BNSF and Oakland UP are good examples of the same yard that has been separated. There are others in the pipeline for this as well. In the meantime, it is incumbent on the individual yard's YM to make sure they are loading properly for the given railroad. Listed below are all of the Joint Facilities in FYM and their corresponding railroads:

Joint Intermodal Facilities
Yard Joint Railroads
NB: Saint John, 2223 CN/CPKC
QC: Port of Montreal Cast Terminal, 2548 CPKC/CN
QC: Port of Montreal Racine Terminal, 2546 CPKC/CN
QC: Port of Montreal Temont Terminal, 2547 CPKC/CN
QC: Port of Montreal Viau Terminal, 2545 CPKC/CN
CA: LA APM Maersk Pier 400, 1152 BNSF/UP
CA: LA Global South Terminal, 1163 BNSF/UP
CA: Long Beach Container Terminal, 2514 BNSF/UP
CA: Long Beach ITS Terminal, 2515 BNSF/UP
CA: Long Beach Pacific Container Terminal, 2516 BNSF/UP
CA: Long Beach Pier A, 2517 BNSF/UP
CA: Long Beach Hanjin Terminal, 1149 BNSF/UP
CA: Los Angeles Harbor, 1103 BNSF/UP
CA: Terminal Island TICTF Terminal, 1146 BNSF/UP
FL: Jacksonville Talleyrand Docks, 1431 NS/CSXT
GA: Savannah Garden City Terminal, 1919 NS/CSXT
LA: Port of New Orleans, 1427 CN/CPKC
MO: Kansas City International Freight Gateway, 2336 CSXT/CPKC
NY: New York Container Terminal, 2266 NS/CSXT
SC: North Charleston Port, 1130 NS/CSXT
VA: Suffolk APM Terminals, 2277 NS/CSXT
WA: Tacoma Container Terminal, 2712 BNSF/UP
WA: Tacoma Hylebos, 1555 BNSF/UP
WA: Tacoma Pierce Co. Terminal, 2710 BNSF/UP
WA: Tacoma TACSIM Terminal, 2714 BNSF/UP
WA: Tacoma Washington United Terminal, 2711 BNSF/UP

For a complete list of yards with intermodal facilities and their serving railroads click Intermodal Yards.

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