Second Sections or Extra Trains

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It is necessary to use a second or extra section symbol on a train. For these cases, edit the symbol (free text) according to the information on this page. The system varies by railroad. In no case should you append a letter to the end of the symbol.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Symbols are a-bbbccc#-%%e:

a-train type



(#) section ID

%%-date originated

e-symbol-specific code

Primary Symbol: a-bbbccc1-%%e

Second Section: a-bbbccc2-%%e

Extra Section: a-bbbccc3-%%e

Note that these only apply to manifest trains. Intermodal, vehicle and unit trains not referenced below, while using the same format as manifest trains, do not use the same section numbers. Please refer to the individual TSARs for variations. Locals and yard jobs use a different code entirely as can also be seen in the TSARs.

For some unit trains, BNSF uses a serial number instead of #-%%, starting with 0-01. FYM simulates this by using day-of-year as a default, but you may change it. Increment this serial number by one for each extra train. Manifest train originating at intermediate points are typically section 4, but may also use section 3. The last letter is not a section code. The last letter code is an internal mechanism used by BNSF and the logic behind its use has no place in FYM. Its meaning varies from train type to train type and can mean anything from an alternate routing to what kind of commodity a particular work train could be carrying. Please use the section # field for extra trains, not this last-letter code.

Canadian National

CN symbols are of the form CN AxxxBC-NN (e.g. M30131-29), where "C" is the section symbol. For second or extra sections replace the 1 with 2, 3, etc.

Canadian Pacific

Primary Symbol: xxx

Second Section: 2-xxx

Third Section, etc - 3-xxx


Primary Symbol: Qxxx

Second Section: Xxxx

For extra sections of unit trains or yard jobs, select a new job number. Typical choices are to increment the number by one (U243 becomes U244) or substitute 9 for the first digit of the job (Y102 becomes Y902).

Kansas City Southern

Insert a "2" after the main symbol and before the date. For example, second IDAAT is IDAAT2

Norfolk Southern

Primary Symbol - Extra Symbol

0xx - Rxx

1xx - Mxx

2xx - Ixx

3xx - Wxx

4xx - Xxx

5xx - Yxx

6xx - Zxx

7xx - Qxx

8xx - Sxx

9xx - Oxx

For locals, select a new job number. For example, second A31 could be A99.

Union Pacific

Primary Symbol Extra Symbol tssdd tssddX

Add X after the destination symbol.

Shortlines and Regionals

For shortlines and regional railroads, choose your own system.


--prepend "2-" (like CP)

--prepend "second " (like "second local job")

--insert a 2 at the end of the symbol but before the date (like KCS)

--change the job number (like CSX)

Indiana Harbor Belt

The IHB has a symbol they use for extra sections (they do not run second sections) for road trains only.

Append the alpha part of the symbol with an 'X' (example: BA2 would become BAX2)