Virtual Map IDs (vIDs)

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A virtual map ID that is associated with a connected exit, serving a power plant on an un-mapped branch line.

A Virtual Map ID (vID) is used in FYM to represent a part of the railroad network without including a full map with trackwork. These are typically used where the industries on a section of line are too sparse to make an interesting map, but the traffic on that section of line is still worth simulating. Virtual Maps may also be used where high quality aerial imagery is unavailable. A final major use of Virtual Maps is to represent Mexico - it is FYM policy that maps are not created in Mexico, but Virtual IDs for Mexican traffic are included at the border crossings in Laredo, El Paso, and Eagle Pass.

Using Virtual Map IDs

Car destinations are assigned to Virtual Map IDs like any other map ID in the game. Virtual Map IDs are always Multiple Identity Maps (MIMs), being child IDs of a normal parent map. A single map may have more than one vID associated with it.

On the map hosting the vID, a label near one or more map exits will indicate that certain destinations can be reached via Local Delivery. Adjacent to the label, you will find Load and Unload labels (on some early vIDs, a single red label was used), which can be clicked on to see the types of cars that are accepted. At the bottom of the window that opens, a list of associated map IDs can be found.

Cars for the vID can be delivered by sending a train out of the exit and selecting the "Local Delivery" option. Note that a train sent to Local Delivery must contain cars for only one map ID, even if multiple vIDs are associated with the exit.