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Freight Yard Manager Mission Statement

“To create an accurate-as-practical, cooperative simulation of current North American rail operations for its community of users.”

Game Dynamics and Culture

Freight Yard Manager is a community-based simulation that can only function through the cooperative efforts of all players. Unlike other simulations and games, here your play directly affects others throughout the system. All players rely on trains and traffic generated by others for their individual play as well as requiring all players to accept the traffic they create. Thus, for FYM to function, players must cooperate to meet the goal of the Mission Statement. All must strive for authenticity.

Being a community, the goal of authenticity is of course different for every player. All the community asks is that every player try to increase their knowledge and play regardless of current skill or knowledge. We all make mistakes, and we learn from them to improve everyone's experience.

Player tenets (core beliefs)

1. FYM is a cooperative simulation and everyone’s play and conduct directly affect the experience of others.

2. FYM strives for current day realism for all train interactions and movements. Players will always try to mimic real life to the extent practical.

3. The FYM community is made up of all levels of enthusiasts. All are welcome who believe in and strive toward the goals of the mission statement.

4. The FYM chat and forums server as means of communication, place for discussions, and a Q & A forum for the whole community. All posts are to be respectful and in the spirit of the game’s mission.

5. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Everyone should feel open to ask anything regarding the game on the chat and expect nothing but helpful responses from other players. No one should feel intimidated by the often detailed discussions often seen on the chat. We were all new to the game once and complex simulation are not always intuitive. The fun is in the learning, and most like sharing their knowledge.

6. FYM requires reasonable response time from all players to keep traffic moving. All players strive to keep their yards current.

7. Every train is created by someone and should be considered as being important to that original creator. All players should strive to fulfill the trains intended instructions in the TSAR.

8. The real world has a finite number of locomotives, and players will strive to mimic that fact and not create fictional and duplicated power.

9. Road power is to be shared with all players as needed and per prototype practice. Players create units but don’t “own” them. The best use of power is out there actively doing work.

Players' responsibilities and code of conduct

1. Players who YM at classification maps or maps with heavy mainline traffic have an obligation to run those maps as often as necessary to keep game play moving.

2. Posting traffic as “RunThru” at your own map is not appropriate unless there are special circumstances such as temporary absence. Posting to “YardJob” is never appropriate at your own map. If you don't have time or don't want to run trains at the map, it's time to relinquish it.

3. Players should either post on the Proboards forum or e-mail the Master Yardmaster when they are going to be away for a week or longer so we can make arrangements to run traffic through your yards and minimize traffic disturbance. If you find yourself buried in traffic upon your return, contact the Master Yardmaster for assistance.

4. Players who do not operate their assigned maps for two weeks with no notice may be removed from their maps.

5. Traffic flow monitoring is the duty of the Master Yardmaster. Please report any problems with your neighbors such as slow play, or if you have gameplay complaints.

6. Consult the FYM wiki page Operating Rules for a detailed list of operating rules.

7. The instructions in the TSAR or special train notes should be followed. When mistakes are made, every effort should be made to return the train to the sender to fix the correction. A friendly note in the train notes or FYM Messaging can be used for this.

8. Bad order cars are part realism and add variety to the game. They are not to be ignored and passed on to the next yard. FYM's Bad Order designation means the car is unsafe to move and requires immediate attention.

Yard Allocation

1. At the time of this posting dlwfan203 is the Master Yardmaster.

2. All YM applications and relinquishes must be done through the game YM application and relinquish system (not via email, chat, or in-game messaging system).

3. Yardmaster previous performance, yard type, proximity to existing YM assignments, and existing number of yards are taken into consideration when yards are assigned.

4. Dropping and applying for maps are considered independently of each other. Players cannot make drops contingent on an assignment elsewhere.

5. The number and nature of yards any player has is the responsibility of the Master Yardmaster, and all assignments are made at the discretion of the Master Yardmaster. Assignments take into account the good of the game, not just your own desires.

6. Yardmaster updates are done at least once a week--more frequently if needed. New players will be assigned to maps as soon as possible to get them into the game.

7. New players will not be assigned major yards until they have shown they understand the game, can handle traffic flow, and are reliable.