Operating Rules

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I. Downloading trains

Players may normally only download the following:

  1. Any train posted to them.
  2. Any train posted by them - if a correction needs to be made.
  3. Any train posted as a Yard Job.
  4. Any train posted as a Run Thru.
  5. Any train listed under the Old filter.

Players should only download trains under items 3-5 if they intend to run and repost that same day.

II. Uploading trains

On upload, FYM will automatically select the YM for you, if one exists on the next map.  If a map has no YM then players should select the upload choice to either Yard Job (train does work at this yard) or Run Thru (train enters and leaves map without stopping) as appropriate.

III. Running trains

Players should run trains either only on maps at which they are the YM or on maps where there is no YM. The only exceptions to this rule are where a player has requested others run through maps because of absence, or is listed under the Old filter.

IV. Making trains

  1. Players should only make trains on maps where they are the YM.
  2. All engines created must be as listed (RR, Type/Model and reporting mark) on The Diesel Shop or similar database
  3. Reporting marks should include the RR and the number only e.g. NS 7102
  4. Engines should be in a color scheme appropriate to that RR, selected from the drop down list provided on the 'Create Cars' form.
  5. All cars created should have a reporting mark taken from the drop down list on the 'Create Cars' form plus a number (minimum 3 digits, maximum 6). Players should avoid making excessive numbers of both engines and cars.

V. Train Symbols and Routes (TSARs)

  1. All trains running on the network should have a TSAR reference, which defines both the train symbol and the route to be traveled.
  2. When trains need to be originated at intermediate stations then players should apply the appropriate TSAR reference and then modify the train symbol appropriately, generally as a second section (see also VI.2).

VI. Unique Train Symbols

  1. Players should ensure that all trains they build and dispatch have a unique symbol for the current date.
  2. When it is necessary to dispatch 2 trains with the same TSAR reference on the same day then players should modify one symbol so that it is a 2nd section of that train.
  3. Specifics re: proper symbols for second sections/extra trains on each railroad are here.

VII. Train HP/Ton

The following are the guidelines for HP/Ton that should be used for each train type:

Train Type HP/Ton (HPPT)
Intermodal 1.0 - 4.0*
Autorack 1.0 - 4.0*
Mixed freight 0.5 - 1.8*
Locals > 0.4*
Passenger 10.0

* depending on terrain

VIII. Train Blocking

  1. If trains terminate at a yard and do not work at intermediate points, the cars need not be blocked unless requested by the receiving yardmaster or specified in TSARS.
  2. Trains that work at intermediate yards should have the cars blocked appropriate for the work needed. It is the sending yardmaster's responsibility to work with adjacent yardmasters to develop an appropriate blocking plan.

IX. Returning a Train

Mistakes in sending trains to neighbors do happen. If possible, you should try to fix the mistake, but some mistakes can best be rectified by the originator. Generally acceptable reasons for returning trains are:

  1. An unrecoverable mis-route error, or a non-valid or missing TSAR reference.
  2. Inappropriate destinations (the only person who can change a destination is the originator) such as multiple destinations on a passenger train, multiple destinations within an articulated car set.